3 Reasons Eyelash Extensions Are NOT For Me

Three Reasons Eyelash Extensions are not for me

Here’s the Thing…

I don’t have the worst eyelashes, but I definitely don’t have the best. I have always been so jealous of my friends who have nice, long eyelashes; their eyes just seem to pop in a way that mine never will.

For reference, here is what my eyelashes look like:


So as you can see, there is nothing wrong with my lashes; I’ve just always wanted longer lashes. (We all want things we don’t have, right?)

Last week, I decided to just go for it. They are a little pricey, so that is a setback. Plus, it’s not just a one-time thing: you have to get fills as the extensions fall out. So it can definitely add up over time.

But I said YOLO and booked an appointment for the same day.

The process was really relaxing and I actually dozed off a little bit!

I also really liked the end result. Ironically, I only took one picture where you can actually see what the extensions looked like:


(Can you tell I like coffee?)

If my opinion on eyelash extensions was based solely on how they looked on me, then I would give them a 10/10. However, eyelash extensions really aren’t just a “get up and go” type of thing. (Although it would appear that way.)

Here are three reasons why eyelash extensions are just not for me.

1. They Threw a Wrench in my Face Wash Routine

I LOVE washing my face. I have one of these amazing face scrubbers and it is so soothing to get all the dirt off my face at the end of the day.

But with eyelash extensions, you have to be really careful when you wash your face or shower (or really anything…) because if water directly hits the lash, the pressure can loosen the extension and they will prematurely fall out.

So basically I would have to daintily splash water on my face like they do in the face wash commercials, or I would have to get a washcloth wet and rub my face. Neither of these methods made me feel like my skin was actually getting cleaned!

It was really frustrating because my face wash routine was something I had down to a T, and then I had to figure out a new way, which would be fine, except that wasn’t the only thing that drove me crazy…..


2. I Had to Change How I Slept

I don’t know about you, but when I sleep, I want to be comfortable. Duh. My favorite position is either on my stomach or curled up on my side. Sleeping with eyelash extensions? Nope. Back sleeping only. Which is the one position I HATE and I have the hardest time falling asleep in.

Sleeping became stressful for me, and sleeping is supposed to be the most relaxing time!


3. I Like to Have Control of my Lashes

A pro and con about eyelash extensions is that you never have to do them.

Pro: You never have to do them, so you save time getting ready

Con: You CAN’T do them, so you have to be okay with how they look all the time

This was okay at first, but the lashes fall out eventually. Not all at once, but you can’t control where they fall out from. If a few fall out right in the center of your lash line, you’re kind of out of luck until you get a fill. Everything I read about eyelash extensions said you couldn’t really put product on your lashes, because how would you get it off?

One morning I woke up, and some eyelashes had fallen off in the spot on the same eye. It looked so weird! I desperately wanted to smear mascara across my lashes to make them look even, but I couldn’t.

Call me OCD or whatever, but not having control of what my lashes looked like drove me crazy. And that ended up being the ultimate reason why I took them off. With the combination of not being able to wash my face how I wanted or sleeping how I wanted, I decided eyelash extensions were not for me.

I really wish they worked out because I truly liked how they looked, but in the end, the cons outweighed the good.

What has your experience with eyelash extensions been? Any tips for the problems I was experiencing?