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Purposeful Progress: Work Goals

Purposeful Progress: Work Goals

Here’s the Thing…

I am very grateful for my job and the things I have learned here, but it is not where I want to stay for the rest of my life. Therefore, I decided to make my work goals reflect an attitude of gratitude for where I am at, but also ambitiously focused on where I am headed.

Continue to Learn New Things at my Current Job

One thing I appreciate about my company is that there are several unique aspects to it, making it the perfect opportunity to learn a ton of new things.

There are three distinct areas of the company.

The first is Tregene, a contemporary clothing brand. The fashion industry is like a foreign language to me and I know it is a very specific market to work in. I am really grateful that I have been able to dip my toes into the fashion industry and learn new things, specifically how to write for fashion. The people here are so nice and their willingness to teach me has just been amazing. I feel like a lot of fashion companies can be a little intense, so I am glad I have a positive environment to learn in.

The next company we have is Windtree, an educational technology company. Science scares me. A lot. And robots and 3D design just freak me out to the max. I think it’s really good that I get to work with a bunch of engineers and educational professionals because those are two areas that I know very little about. I’m not saying I’m going to get a job as a scientist, but I believe it is a good thing to just being introduced to the concept of robotics and 3D.

The final aspect is a non-profit music competition called the Los Angeles International Piano Competition. Somehow I became the assistant director (more on that in a future post), and I learn new things every single day. Before working here I knew nothing about how to plan an event or classical music, and each day I can feel my confidence increasing. For the first time maybe in my life, I feel an immense sense of ownership over this position. I think it is because I am the one that has corresponded with each of the 180 applicants and now currently working with the 40 that were selected to actually compete in Los Angeles. I feel so proud of the contestants that made it and also proud of myself that I overcame and embraced a position that intimidated me so much.

This position truly has a lot of knowledge to offer, and it is one of my goals to absorb as much as I can while I am here. However, this is not where I want to be forever.

Take Intentional Steps to Work Remotely

I am just going to come right out and say it (and you might think it is silly or immature or foolish or whatever) but the office life is not for me. Whenever I am at work, I feel like the whole world is calling to me. And I don’t mean that as in I want to be constantly traveling and never working

The exact opposite really.

I want to work. But I want to work in a coffee shop in Paris, or Bali, or New York City.

I want to go to Lake Arrowhead for a few days and get inspiration from the fresh air and beautiful trees.

I want to wake up early and get my work done so I can go to my brother’s basketball game or my sister’s cheer competition or visit my sister who lives in New Mexico.

I want to blogger and a freelancer and a virtual assistant who is passionate about the work they’re doing + where they are doing it.

The great thing about this lifestyle that I want to build for myself is that it is 100% obtainable. The more time I spent researching how to be a full-time blogger and freelancer, the more amazing women I discover who have already achieved just that.

As I spend more and more time at my desk job, I am learning more and more about what sets my soul on fire. Writing and travel do that for me. So if I can do it, why not?

Taking all that into consideration, I am going to be focusing a large part of my time and energy this year into placing myself in a position financially to work remotely and to work for something that I am passionate about.

Life is too short and the world is too big to do otherwise.


Work is a huge aspect of my life (I mean, I only spend, like, 40 hours here a week + drive time) so I wanted to make sure the goals I set were both realistic yet challenging.

It is easy for me to say, “I want to quit my job tomorrow and travel the world!” But that is not realistic. And, right now, there is still a lot for me to learn where I am at. However, I don’t want to let myself get comfortable. I want to continuously be pushing myself to pursue the life I always wanted but never knew I could actually have.


What are some work goals you have for 2018? 

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