Goals + Growth

In Pursuit of my Dreams

In Pursuit of my dreams

Here’s the Thing…

I have had dreams before, but I have very rarely put actions behind those dreams to make them goals and then, hopefully, one day, reality.

Some examples include becoming a marine biologist, becoming a vet tech or becoming an admissions counselor at Biola.

Those were all big, important dreams to me, but when it came time to put the hard work in, I just shrugged it off and gave up. In the moment it may not have seemed like giving up. In the moment, it may have seemed like “going in a different direction” or “trying something new.” But looking back, I can pinpoint a moment where there was a roadblock or road bump and, instead of figuring out how to overcome the obstacle, I just turned around and basically give up.

I am determined not to let my past actions influence how I tackle my current goals. I am determined to break out of my mold and take control of the life I want to have.

There is Never Time to Pursue Your Goals

There just isn’t.

You wake up, get ready, go to work, drive home, cook dinner, go to bed, and now your whole day is gone.

So no, you don’t have time to pursue your goals.

You have to make time to pursue your goals. Wake up early; don’t socialize on your lunch hour; don’t sit on social media for an hour when you get home from work.

If you keep living life like you always have been, free time isn’t going to magically open up for you; you have to intentionally set out to determine what you are willing to sacrifice in pursuit of your goals because there just isn’t enough time.

What Works For Me

Okay, rant over. I just think it is really important to recognize that no one has enough time. But the ones who come to terms with that and carve out time and make sacrifices are the ones who will achieve their dreams.

So that description I posted above about waking up, going to work, driving home, etc, etc….. that is me. Everyday. I have a full-time job from 9-6. I leave around 8 and get home around 7. Make dinner. Do some things around the house. Somehow it is 9 and I am exhausted.

I have come to full-terms with the fact that I cannot get additional work done after I have been working all day. That’s not what works for me.

What does work for me is waking up early. But just because it is what is best for me doesn’t mean it is easy.

Waking up at 5am and getting ready when it is still dark out is not easy.

However, I am able to recognize that I do my best work when there are no people around and no distractions. Living in a house with four other people make this very difficult.

Lucky for me, there is a Panera right down the street and I love getting there at 6am right when they open and pouring myself a mug full of their amazing hazelnut coffee, getting cozy in a booth, and busting out some good work for a couple hours.

Not Easy but Worth It

Like I said above, doing this is not easy, but at the end of it, when I am driving to work , it is so worth it.

I may be a little tired, but I feel way happier than if I had just gotten a couple extra hours of sleep.

There are a couple reasons I believe I feel happy.

First, and most obviously, I am doing the work I love. I am either writing a blog post, or doing a freelance job, or working on the course I am enrolled in to sharpen my freelance skills. When I wake up late and I don’t get to work on those things, I get really bummed out because I truly love working on them. And that is how I know I am pursuing the right things because they make me happy and energized.

Second, I think I am so happy at the end of my early morning work sessions because I am actively pursuing my goals. I am actively waking up early, sacrificing sleep, and putting in the effort. This is how dreams come true!!! I’m not saying it is going to happen overnight, but putting in the work is how dreams become reality. And I am putting in the work. So not today or tomorrow. But someday, I will reach my goals. And it brings me so much joy knowing that my own efforts will help me to succeed, not just luck or chance.


This post is for all you dream chasers out there: I know you don’t have time. I don’t either. None of us do. But what are you going to sacrifice to reach your goals? How hard are you willing to work to make your dreams a reality?

Once you figure that out, you are unstoppable.