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Purposeful Progress: Personal Goals

Purposeful Progress: Personal Goals

Here’s the Thing…

Up to this point, all the goals I have been aiming for in 2018 have been pretty big, lifestyle change goals.

However, I think it is also important to have smaller, more practical goals too. Maybe it’s just me, but if I don’t write things down and have an action plan, they will never get done.

So, here are my more light-hearted, personal goals that I am aiming for this year!

Save $2,000 for a Trip To Egypt

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to go to Egypt. I mentioned it to my friend Natalia and she wanted to go too!

It is so easy to just say you want to do something, but then never following through. And I admit that I am very bad at this.

However, Natalia and I both decided that we actually wanted to make this dream trip to Egypt happen.

I started saving a little here and there at the end of last year, but I knew if I was ever going to actually save enough I needed to have a number and a deadline in mind.

After doing the calculations and setting a date, I decided I needed to save $2,000 over the course of the next eight months. Since I have to pay for the tour and the flight at different times, the $2,000 will be split up over time. But ultimately, for the entire trip, we are estimating it will cost about $2,000.

I have never saved for something this big before, but I know I will feel so accomplished at the end of it when Natalia and I are traveling to Egypt!

Really this goal is two fold because while Egypt is the current focus, travel in general is the overarching theme. I really reallllly want to make travel more of a priority because there is just so much of the world to see. So I don’t know if Egypt will be my first trip this year, my only trip this year, or one of many, but I want to focus on it and discipline myself enough to save the $2,000.

Have a Consistent Morning Routine

This is probably my simplest goal this year, but it has proven to be somewhat difficult.

Starting any sort of routine is difficult because it is something you aren’t used to, and you are probably giving up something to achieve your routine. In this case, I am giving up sleep for the sake of my morning routine.

Here is what I want my morning to look like:

5 AM: Wake up, get ready, ready my devotional and answer my daily question

6 AM: Head to Panera to get some serious work done

8:30 AM: Go to work

I have achieved this routine a few times, and each time it is so rewarding. However, it is hard waking up that early! Especially since I want to do it everyday.

But I have definitely witnessed that how you start your morning can set the tone for the rest of your day.

And although the majority of my day is not spent working on my blog/writing, I still want to have that motivated feeling of determination to tackle whatever the day brings!


Well that’s it! Those are the two personal goals I am working on this year. This also concludes the in-depth explanation of my “Purposeful Progress 2018 Goals.”

Stayed tuned for my January review where I will check in about the progress I am making on the six goals I have chosen to focus on!


What are some personal or smaller scale goals you have for 2018?