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Purposeful Progress: January Review

Purposeful Progress: January Review

Here’s the Thing…

This is the first time I have intentionally written down the goals I want accomplish. Although it seems like such a simple thing to do, it has helped me tremendously to stay motivated and remain focused on the bigger picture.

So, without further ado, here is my first Purposeful Progress review!

(Also, can you believe it is already the last day of January?!)

Blogging Goals

My first blogging goal was to post consistently three times a week. I truly thought this was going to be very challenging thing for me to accomplish. When I was brainstorming about my goals, I distinctively remember writing “Post three times a week no matter what. Even if you have to write and schedule posts way in advance.” Although I am pretty busy, I haven’t had to schedule posts more than a couple days in advance. Also, I’ve only been late on my posting schedule a couple times. I’m happy to say that I have posted three times each week for the entire month of January!

The whole concept of setting a goal and then actually accomplishing is something new to me. I feel like new years resolutions or goals are always made but never kept. I’m really proud of myself that I was able to stick with it; especially since it was originally something that I thought would be really challenging. Honestly, I will probably only check-in one more time to see how things are going, and then call it a completed goal!

My next blogging goal was to learn how to better manage my social media accounts. There are so many social media platforms out there, and I knew I didn’t want my life to be consumed by a computer screen, so I decided to focus on one platform for each quarter. My first area of focus has been on Instagram.

In just one month, I have learned so much about the platform that I thought I was already proficient in!

Completely by accident I stumbled upon an Instagram course from Helene in Between. She is seriously blogging and Instagram goals, so when I saw that she was doing a workshop, I knew I had to tune in! Two important things that I have learned so far is the importance of a powerful bio, as well as a cohesive theme strung throughout your pictures.

I updated my bio from just saying things like “Pink. Writing. Travel.” To “Pink lover. Blog writer. Wanderlust Seeker.” They essentially say the same thing, however, I feel like the second gives a more accurate depiction of who I am. Also, after doing a little research on how other Instagramers are designing their profiles, I decided to give mine a ‘color splash theme.’ Essentially, I post pictures that have one dominant and bright color. Although I used to love posting whatever, whenever, having quality posts is much more significant than just having a lot of posts. It’s a new concept to me, but I am learning a lot!

My next Instagram goal is to hopefully learn how to gain more engagement and organic followers!

Work Goals

My work goals this year were to learn all I could at my current job, while starting to transition into working remotely.

Within the last couple weeks, a lot has gone on within this category. In the interest of not making assumptions about how my future is going to turn out, I will check back in next month when things are more solidified!

However, whatever ends up happening within the next few weeks, it will be in alignment with my goals, there is just a lot up in the air right now.

Personal Goals

My first personal goal was to save $2,000 for a trip to Egypt. While I have been putting money aside from each pay check, it is difficult to prioritize it, especially when money is already tight. However, I think the important thing I need to remember is that, although the amount may not be that high, the act alone of intentionally putting money aside is progress enough.

My next mini goal for this goal is to make the reservation for our tour. I feel like having that set in stone will keep me more motivated and show me that this is real and that I can accomplish it!

My other personal goal is to have a consistent morning routine.

My ideal morning consists of me waking up, getting ready, eating breakfast, reading my devotional, answering my question of the day, and getting a decent amount of blogging/freelance work done before leaving for my actual job.

On a good week, I have accomplished this maybe twice. It is surprisingly difficult to pull myself out of bed that early on a regular basis!

Although I am far from checking this one off my list, the positive thing to note is that I at least have something to aim for, even if I am not quite there yet.


I think these monthly check-ins will be very beneficial for me. Not only will it keep me accountable to continuously strive to make progress, but it’s helpful to get all my thoughts down so I can identify where I should focus for the next month.

While I am definitely not where I want to end up, it’s okay. Because that’s why I am calling these things “purposeful progress” and not “purposeful perfection.”


How are your new years resolutions or goals going?