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What the Heck am I Doing?!

What the heck am I doing?!

Here’s the Thing…

I have always known that working in an office wasn’t for me, however, I’ve never really acted upon that intuition until quite recently.

As you probably know, one of my goals for the year is to transition into working remotely. Since it is something I am very passionate and serious about, I have naturally been talking about it a lot more with people. Whether it’s friends, family, or the guy at the bank; I have been talking about it more now than ever.

The funny thing is, while it is crystal clear in my head, when I try and explain it out loud,  I struggle. A lot.

So. I am utilizing this post to solidify my thoughts–which make sense to me–but may not be so obvious to others.

A Typical Situation

Being a recent college grad, I am constantly getting asked questions like, “So how’s life going” or “What are you up to?”

You know. Super simple questions with super simple answers.

For about the first year, I would chuckle nervously and just say something like, “Oh you know, just trying to figure life out. I”ll figure it out eventually.”

But now, I kinda feel like I’ve figured things out more. At least, more than I had before.

So I give my little spiel and end it with, “Yeah, so I wanna be a digital nomad!” 😀

Yeah. That totally sounds better in my head.

I’m not sure if it’s because ‘digital nomad’ isn’t a very well-known term, or if it’s because ‘nomad’ has a negative connotation.

Either way, after pouring out my heart with all my deepest desires and wishes, I usually get glossed-over looks paired with sympathetic smiles.

But no more!

Today, I am here to break the stigma that having a full-time office job is the only way to be successful. You think I’m crazy for wanting to work from anywhere in the world and actually love my life? Yet you think ‘success’ only comes in a few ways? Interesting.

(side bar: I know this is not everybody, but it is some people.)

There are a million and one ways to be successful. Actually, there are 7.442 BILLION ways to be successful. Because everyone’s success story looks different.

What Success Means to You

If success means working hard full-time and advancing in a company; great!

If success means staying home and raising a family; great!

If success means starting your own company; great!

If success means being a digital nomad; great!


So what the heck am I doing?

Well, as of two days ago, I quit my job. So I guess that means I’m a digital nomad now?

(Guys, I can’t tell you the feeling I get when I can say that I quit my job to pursue my dreams. It is the most empowering feeling in the world. No, it’s not stable or consistent and I don’t know what next month will bring. BUT I can say fully, 100% that I. Am. Happy.)

But what is a digital nomad?

According to internationaltravelers.com:

Digital nomads are individuals that leverage wireless digital technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—from home, coffee shops, public libraries and even from recreational vehicles to accomplish tasks and goals that used to traditionally take place in a single stationary workplace.

Looooooove it!!!! This definition seriously gets me so excited.

And I am not crazy for wanting this life for myself. But don’t take my word for it. Here are a few people who are killing it at this digital nomad and blogging game:

World Nate

Intrepid Introvert

Blair Blogs

Helene in Between

Coffee with Summer

And these are only the ones who I can think of off the top of my head.

Seriously, if you need motivation for anything, but specifically taking control of your own life, read any of these blogs, and I promise, your life will be changed and you will be wildly inspired.

Hannah: The Digital Nomad

You may be wondering how I myself will become a digital nomad. So funny you should ask, because I literally just posted a blog about that. It’s like I plan these things out or something (;

But to recap: I am essentially staying away from any notion that I am too inexperienced, too new to the game, too unqualified; basically anything that causes me to shy away from my goals.

Now that you know what I’m not doing, what about what I am doing?

My first priority is to produce high-quality, relatable, and truthful content for my blog. This is actually hard to keep a priority because at the moment, my blog is not making me any money. But, since blogging full-time is my ultimate goal, I know I need to keep up with it in order to get where I want to be.

My next priority is to create lasting relationships through Upwork and gain repeat clients. I know that there are mixed reviews out there about Upwork, but I have had surprisingly good luck with it. Maybe I will write a post about it in the future, but in my opinion, the biggest thing to remember is to create good relationships with clients, so you turn them into consistent clients. Truthfully, if you only do a job here or there for a bunch of different people, you won’t get far. But if you can land repeat jobs with the same clients, you are on to something good. Quality over quantity!

In addition to those two main areas of focus, I have adopted a mindset to never stop learning. In order to get high-quality knowledge, I do believe that you have to pay for it. Yes, you can scour the internet on your own, but at what other costs? My step-dad always told me, “Nothing’s free.” So while you can probably learn all the information on your own that is complied in a course, it would take you way longer to do. Plus, you can never tell how reliable something is that you just find on the internet. These factors are what led me to enroll in a tech skills course. It was produced by the Bucketlist Bombshells, who you also should check out, and it is amazing. I am learning how to be a social media manager, how to be a better virtual assistant, and so much more! And yes, I had to pay for it. But I can honestly say it is so worth it because information that would have taken me who knows how long to learn, is already laid out perfectly for me. The bottom-line: invest in your education and never stop learning.

Finally, my last area of focus is the mantra “Wake up early; stay up late.” Within reason of course, but working from home and being my own boss makes it critical to have a lot of discipline. I could stay in bed till noon, but should I? If I want to have time to do all the things listed about, then I need to make sure that I am utilizing each day to its fullest.


So There’s the Thing…

Working in an office is not for me, and that’s okay; I’m not the only one.

Something that I want to set straight, is that I want to work. But I want the flexibility to work anywhere; whether that is at home, at a coffee shop, or around the world. And really, is that so much to ask/want? Even in a traditional job, many things can already be done remotely. For example, at my last job, I managed the company’s email accounts and social media–all on a computer. 

If you couldn’t tell, I am very passionate about this, and I would love if more people could understand it as well. 

If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned above, please reach out to me! I would love to discuss this topic further!