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Becoming a Champion

Becoming a champion

Here’s the Thing…

About a month ago I was hanging out with my little sister before her cheer practice. Over the course of the morning, she had developed a stomach ache and desperately did not want to go to practice.

A little background info: her and her cheer squad had qualified to go to the Jamz National Championship in Las Vegas, which is a whole new level from what they are used to. This elevation in competition caused the girls to have long practice hours nearly everyday leading up to the competition. It was exhausting for them, to say the least.

As my sister stood there with a pained look on her face, I said to her, “You become a champion when you least feel like doing it.”

When did I become so motivational?! I’m not really sure, but I’m just gonna go with it.

Can I Even be a Champion?

By definition, a champion is a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, especially sports. This definition may be a little dramatic depending on the situation, probably more applicable for things like cheer competitions and not so much for being a blogger. BUT, it is still applicable in some ways.

As a blogger, I may not have literal rivals, but there there are definitely roadblocks in my way. Between the doubters, my own self-doubt, trying to be too much of a realist, the critics, trying to stay motivated, etc., I have my fair share of factors that I need to “defeat” in order to achieve my goals.

I’m sure a lot of people are in a similar situation as me: you are chasing after something, but your “rivals” are more like internal factors as opposed to legit people standing in your way, trying to beat you. So, no matter what you are seeking, you have to capacity to become a champion and to defeat all the opposition that is standing in your way.

But How Do I Actually Become a Champion?

So now that we have established that you–yes you–have the ability to become a champion, let’s talk about how you can actually achieve that.

In order to become a champion, you have to make conscious, consistent decisions to put that goal first, even when you really really don’t feel like it. That means going to a four-hour long cheer practice when you don’t feel good; it means waking up two hours early to work on your passion before you go into your 9-5 job; it means giving up that latte a few times a week to save up for a big trip.

To put in simply, to be a champion, you need to give up your comfort. You may be tired, sick, or short on money, but you never ever lose sight of that greater dream.

Great! Sounds Easy!

Think about it: if it was easy to achieve goals and become a champion, everyone would be doing i!

But that is the point of this whole thing: champions are set apart because they went that extra mile to be excellent instead of just okay.

For my sister, it was going to a long cheer practice when she had an upset stomach.

For me, it was quitting my job–my comfort zone and financial security–to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle.

For you, it may be going for that job you feel under qualified for and leaving behind something that is familiar and safe.

Whatever it is, I can promise you it will not be easy.

So That’s the Thing…

Plain and simple. If you want to become a champion, you have to fight for it every. single. day. Even when you’re sick. Even when you’re tired. Even when no one is rooting for you.

So go out there! Prove all your rivals wrong and never lose sight of your dream.

Just remember:

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.