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Purposeful Progress: March

Purposeful Progress: March

Here’s the Thing…

I am not going to lie: March was an absolute whirlwind of a month.

Between learning to navigate a new job, balancing freelance gigs & continuing to embrace my newfound freedom, I definitely had my work cut out for me.

In the midst of all that, what wasn’t at the front of my mind were my Purposeful Progress goals. Sometimes they just weren’t and sometimes they literally could not be, and I will go into that more in a moment.

Trust me, I desperately wanted to stay on track with all of my goals for myself, but also for these monthly check-ins. All month I just kept thinking, “I can do better than this.”

Well, looking back on the month, I think I did pretty good, even if I didn’t make apparent progress on my original goals for the year. Instead of talking about all the progress I “didn’t” make, I want to spend time reflecting on the areas where I did make progress. I also want to discuss the feelings that come along with not hitting the mark you set out to.

To be honest, I was dreading writing this post because I felt like a failure in some aspects and didn’t think I really had anything good to share. But when I take a step back and look at my life overall, there is so much good that came out of this month.

Blogging Goals

I can say for a fact that I did not post on my blog three times a week.

Heck, I am not even sure if I posted three times in the last month.

However, this past month required a lot of attention on the new job I just landed. Since I have been overloaded with all sorts of training and learning and just general new job duties, I haven’t had the bandwidth to devote the necessary amount of time needed to create quality blog posts.

From the beginning, I never wanted my blog to be something that I just slap words onto and click “publish.” If I have to sacrifice a month’s worth of blog posts in order to keep the quality up to my standard, then so be it.

Although we are already a decent way through April, I can already tell that I am getting a better grip on how to handle this new work life & time management and all that good stuff. That being said, I want to continue posting more, but I also want to have the understanding that some days/weeks/months may be busier than others, and that’s okay.

On the other end of my blogging goals is the world of social media, which has actually been going really well!

I have grown my Instagram followers by 300 in three months, I have seen an increase in engagement and I have gotten more comfortable posting videos that foster the necessary foundation to create a brand that people know and are able to relate to.

My ultimate social media goal is to create long-lasting relationships with my followers and I have definitely gotten a better understanding of how to do that in the past few months! I still have a long way to go, but growing a social media following takes time and a lot of patience. However, in terms of Instagram at least, I feel like I have a really good baseline for the future.

Throughout the next quarter of the year, I will be focusing on Pinterest. I still need to dive into this further but I am super excited because I have heard that Pinterest is great for bringing more traffic to blogs!

Work Goals

As you may remember me briefly mentioning in my last Purpose Progress review, I landed a part-time remote job!

It is literally the most amazing and best thing ever. I will probably discuss my new job in a separate blog post because I could literally go on for days. But I will give you a rough overview here.

So, I am working with an amazing women’s entrepreneur group called Dreamers // Doers and my official title is “Membership Support.” While my outward facing role consists of answering emails, creating a weekly newsletter, and interacting on Facebook, I also have a lot of behind the scenes tasks such as working with spreadsheets, managing social media accounts and helping to uncover opportunities that could benefit the group.

That’s the Spark Notes version, but it is truly such a great job. I am learning so much every day, I can hardly comprehend it.

The best part, other than how great the company and my boss are, is that it is exactly the type of job I wanted. I wanted something that was consistent so that I knew I had a reliable source of income coming in but also something that was flexible so that I could travel or have more freedom in my days to live life. You know, the whole reason I quit my job in the first place!

This job is literally the exact definition of all that. I generally get a consistent amount of hours each week, but my tasks are assigned in a way that do not require an immediate turnaround. Of course, some days are more hectic than others, but for the most part, there is a lot of flexibility. For example, today I went to breakfast with a friend and then I will dive into some work later on this afternoon.

Each day that I clock into my job from whenever and wherever I want while on my laptop is another day that I am so grateful that I took that leap and took a chance on myself.

Personal Goals

At the time of writing these goals last December, I was in a very stable, full-time job.

Now, however, my life is a lot more fluid, including financially, which has made this category more difficult to navigate.

On the lighter side of things, having a consistent morning routine has not been as necessary as I anticipated. Since I work from home or wherever, I can start my days as quick or as slow as I want. Some days are busier for work, so I want to whip up a quick breakfast and immediately start working. Other days are slower and I want to take my time and work from a coffee shop. It’s all a balance and I am realizing that whatever works for me is great!

On the harder side of things, and the goal that has been most at a standstill is saving for a trip to Egypt.

I don’t want to get too much into finances, but to break it down, I am making less than I was before. I think this is pretty obvious + can be expected during the early days of freelancing, but I am not worried at all. I am paying my bills and I am happy, so I am very content right now.

However, due to the sheer reality of making less and still having the same bills to pay, saving for Egypt has not exactly been a huge priority.

But don’t worry! Egypt isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility! I am still trying to save for it when I can, but I do need to make sure the necessities get paid such as rent, student loans, etc.

Although Eygpt may be on hold, I have been able to go to lots of other places such as Joshua Tree, the Pacific Northwest & Paso Robles and I have other trips booked for the future!

Travel is travel and I am just grateful I am not confined to the restrictions of a full-time office job.

So That’s the Thing…

Although I haven’t followed an exact path to reach my goals, I have still made progress in other ways.

I haven’t been posting on my blog as much, but I landed an awesome job that I love.

I don’t have a trip to Egypt booked, but I have been able to visit other cool places.

It’s all about balance and there’s always tomorrow and next month.

We are all human and we can only give so much sometimes. And that’s okay.

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