5 Ways to Prepare for the Week Ahead

Five Ways to Prepare for the Week Ahead

Here’s the Thing…


The weekends are my happy time. Actually, I think they are most people’s happy time (unless you have some sort of food service/customer service job; I feel ya).


I just love sleeping in, hanging out with family and friends, never taking off my stretchy pants; it’s a dream.


But, all good things must come to an end.


I’m not gonna lie: it is really hard to find the motivation to be productive on a Sunday. I literally just want to lay in bed and watch Netflix all day. However, I have noticed something about myself, and I’m sure others experience it as well. I either get EVERYTHING done or NOTHING done. There is no in between.


Which is why I totally believe in the quote, “Productivity begets productivity.”


In my mind, it’s like a tire rolling down a hill. Once it’s going, it’s going. The hardest part is just the initial push, or for me, actually getting out of bed and doing something with my life. Again, IT’S HARD. It is so much easier to do nothing.


BUT Monday is coming, and there’s no better time than the present to start preparing!


I have found that it is easier to tackle Monday when I have momentum left over from Sunday.


So, here are 5 things I do on Sunday to prepare for the week ahead!


1. Meal Plan/Prep

Meal Planning and Prepping is important for a couple reasons. First, if you’re like me and are always hungry, it helps to have your meals planned out so that you’re not scouring your fridge for dinner every night. Second, it is so much cheaper to buy your groceries for the week instead of going out to eat all the time.


For example, last Sunday I planned out my week and listed out the days I knew I was going to be out of the house for dinner. From there, I made a shopping list of all the ingredients I would need for the nights I would be home for dinner, which, for this week, was three dinners. I also bought some things for breakfast. (I usually don’t buy specific food for lunch because I just eat leftovers from dinner.) The total for everything was $55. If I were to go out for all of those meals it would be wayyyy more than that, plus it just makes life easier to have everything ready to go for the week.


Depending on the meals I have planned, I might also do some meal prepping. A couple weeks ago I bought a whole rotisserie chicken and used it for three dinners. Although rotisserie chickens are a good value, you have to work a little bit to get the meat off the chicken. So, to save time during the week, I cut the chicken up on Sunday and put it in a Tupperware so I could just take what I needed each night. It made cooking dinner go much faster, plus I got enough chicken to use it for several nights. I’m a big fan of things that save time and money.

2. Laundry

I’m that girl that tries on a bunch of different clothes until I find the perfect outfit, and then leaves all the rest strewn across the bedroom. Although that is kind of inevitable for me, it helps if I have all my clothes clean, because I have a pretty good idea of what looks good together and what doesn’t, so I don’t have to spend the time trying to find new outfit combinations.


Also, I have had my fair share of mornings where I am running late and I don’t have time to think about what I want to wear; I literally just have to grab something and go. In those instances, I am so grateful when my clothes are clean and I can just throw on some jeans and a nice shirt and not have to hunt things down.


There is a quote that my dad’s company has that goes, “Failure to prepare is preparation for failure.” Although that may be a little dramatic in terms of laundry, there is also some truth to it: having your clothes clean and ready to go is just another way to streamline your life.

3. Hair Prep

(I realize that everyone has different hair, and this one might not work for all hair types, but there may be some other way to utilize this if you have particularly difficult hair.)


I just got an AMAZING new curling wand (there will be a post about this later) and it allows my hair to hold a curl so well. I am genuinely curious to see how long my hair would stay curled, because so far it has never gone flat, even after a few days.


My hair’s really thick, so it takes a decent amount of time to curl (or straighten, or really do anything…). I very well could do my hair in the morning, which I do quite often, but sometimes it helps to curl it Sunday night and then wear it for a couple days after that.


Again, I know this wouldn’t work for everyone’s hair; I’m just really lucky that it takes a LONG time for my hair to get greasy so I can get away with not washing my hair very often. However, there may be other ways for you to “prep” your hair. Maybe invest in straightening it on Sunday and then utilizing it for a couple days, even if that means throwing it up in a bun at some point. Or curl it and then put it half up and then in a ponytail. Whatever works for you and helps you streamline your morning routine.

4. Set Out Everything You Need

This one is really something you should do every night. Again, going back to the running late scenario, there have been way too many times where I have woken up late, ran out the door and forgotten something I really needed that day. Right now, I’m lucky because I don’t have anything too important I need to bring with me every day, besides my lunch, but I can just buy that if I had to. Back when I was in school and I didn’t live on campus, it was crucial I didn’t forget anything. I always had a lot going on, and forgetting even one thing would bring difficulty to my day. So even though life is a little different now, it is a habit I have gotten into that makes my life easier regardless.

5. Wind Down Early

Typically during the week, it is easy for me to go sleep because I woke up early, worked all day, etc. The same is not true for a Sunday. My usual Sunday consists of sleeping in, watching Netflix, napping, and eating. So you can imagine it is pretty hard to feel tired around 9 p.m. — all I have been doing all day is resting!


There are a few things you can do to help wind down and signal to your body that it is time to go to bed. First, put down the technology! (I know, I know, it doesn’t seem that important, but trust me. Just for one night, try putting all your technology away one hour before going to bed, follow the next two steps I give you, and see how much faster you fall asleep!) Second, take a warm shower or bath. I prefer a bath because it really relaxes me, but showers are good too! Finally, read a book. With the combination of these three things, by the time I am a couple pages into my book, I am forcing my eyes to stay open.


Seriously, even if I did nothing all day, doing these things works like a charm!


So there you have it! Monday’s are hard, but now you know how to Sunday prep to tackle the week ahead of you!


What are some other things you do to prepare for the upcoming week?