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A Look at 2017, Goals for 2018 + My Word of the Year

A Look at 2017, Goals for 2018 & my Word of the Year

Here’s the Thing…

I CANNOT believe that we are already on the last day of 2017. Where has time gone?!?

I have never really been about taking the time to review my year or looking forward to the year ahead, but, as you will see when I announce my word of the year, I am trying to be more aware of my life, my dreams and how to achieve my goals.

Keep reading to learn about some 2017 highlights, what I am aiming for in 2018, and my word of the year to keep me focused!

2017 in Review

2017 definitely had some challenges, between friendships, family and figuring out what to do with my life, there have been some lows.

BUT, as a whole, I know I will be able to look back at 2017 fondly.

2017 was a year of discovery. Freshly graduated from college, I  was not ready to jump into full-time work. In fact, I took most of the year to do things I had always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to.

Things like:

Enrolling in vet tech school for two semesters and volunteering on a goat farm.

I also started an unexpected job at Red Lobster and finally stepped into a full-time position as an office assistant.

To some, it may have seemed strange that I took a detour right after college, but looking back it was so necessary. I think if I would have dove straight into full-time work I would have been miserable. I had spent so much time pushing myself through college and I just needed a break.

Now I have a full-time job that I enjoy for the most part, but I’m glad that I waited and just enjoyed life for a few months.

2017 also brought me a lot of travel!

I went to Honduras twice.

I went to Las Vegas more times than I can count.

I went to New Orleans, New Mexico, and Arizona.

I went to the desert a few times.

And I took a couple trips up the California Coast.

Traveling has always been a big part of my life and I always want to make sure I am exploring new places, even if they are simple trips close by. I never want to lose my sense of wonder.

Besides traveling and new experiences, 2017 held a lot of other great moments as well. Overall, I am happy with my year but, for probably the first time, I am looking forward to the new year with great anticipation.

2018 Goals

Whenever I try to make lists, I end up going overboard and they lose their significance because there is just too much information. The same thing happened when I tried to make my new year’s resolutions. “I wanna work on my blog more, I wanna freelance more, I wanna work out more, I wanna travel more, I wanna….. etc. etc. etc.”

First of all, those goals are all very broad, and it would be hard to tangibly achieve them.

Second of all, having too many random goals with no focus will make trying to achieve them very frustrating. Which is why this year, I narrowed them down to three categories with two goals in each category that I feel are reasonable and tangible. They also tie in well with my word of the year, which I will discuss shortly.

Blogging Goals

Learn how to better manage my social media accounts


Post on my blog three times a week

Work Goals

Continue learning new things at my current job


Intentionally take steps to work remotely

Personal Goals

Save $2,000 for a trip to Egypt


Have a consistent morning routine

And that’s it! I really tried to be as reasonable as possible because it can be so easy to say, I want to start traveling full-time in 2018! Or I want to have thousands of website views in 2018! While those are totally obtainable goals, they are very ambiguous and there is no plan of action. I’m hoping with my more specific goals (which I will go into deeper in other posts) I will actually see results and not feel disappointed because they were too broad.

My 2018 Word of the Year

Through the process of reflecting on the past year and mapping out my goals for the next year, I have found a focus word that I feel encompasses accurately all the areas I would like to grow in. I chose to have a word of the year because I feel like it will help me remain better focused on the goals I want to reach.

For a variety of reasons, I have chosen purposeful as my 2018 word of the year.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, purposeful means “having a purpose such as meaningful or intentional; full of determination.”

I feel like this definition perfectly sums up the goals I want to achieve for 2018. Too often I find myself blindly trying to accomplish things or doing things without a clear sense of why or how I am going to do them. It often leaves me feeling discouraged because I know what I want, but I don’t always know how to achieve the end result.

By living purposefully, I hope to have intention behind my actions and a firmer understanding of the goals I want to meet.

I know that I won’t instantaneously be more intentional, but I am committing myself to trying. And to keep myself accountable, I will do monthly, purposeful check-ins to monitor my progress and document the process.

I am so excited to embark on the journey of 2018 and I can’t wait to live out my best and purposeful life.

Did you set any goals or resolutions for 2018? How about a focus word?