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Purposeful Progress: Blogging Goals

Purposeful Progress: Blogging Goals

Here’s the Thing…

I have wanted to start a blog for as long as I can remember. Actually, I have started blogs in the past, but I never kept up with them. I have this problem where I get really motivated about something, but then I become uninterested shortly after. I’m sure lots of people have experienced that cycle.

Well, I am determined to not lose my motivation for this blog. I think the best way for me to do that is to document my progress to keep myself accountable. So, at the end of every month, I will do a recap of the progress I have made on my yearly goals. This will include my blogging goals, work goals and personal goals.

The next few “Purposeful Progress” posts are going to be a deeper look into the goals I have chosen and why.

First up is my blogging goals.

Post Three Times a Week

An interesting thing about me is that, although I am typically more inclined to use the artistic side of my brain, there are some aspects of my life that I need to use numerical methods. Creating blog posts is one of those aspects.

I know that if I do not set an exact number of posts I need to publish per week, I just won’t do it or will only do a couple every now and then. If I only post when I “have time,” then I am never going to post anything. However, by having a weekly goal to meet, I will be much more likely to carve out the necessary time to make it happen.

So for now, I am going to aim to produce three new blog posts a week and publish them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Creating blog posts can take a decent amount of time so it really will take a lot of planning on my end to make it happen. But I think this level of accountability will be so good because I love writing blog posts and seeing the end result, I just have problems with the initial prioritization.

Learn to Better Manage my Social Media Accounts

I have no problems managing my personal social media accounts, but when it comes to my blog’s social media, I have found it to be a little more difficult. Since I am treating my blog like a business, I need to treat the social media associated with my blog accordingly.

These days, social media is such an incredible marketing tool and when it comes to a blog, social media is the best way for new people to discover your blog. But do I have any idea how to market my blog on social media platforms? Not really, but I am trying to learn. Between learning from other successful bloggers and just trying out different methods myself, I am hopeful that I can learn to better manage my blog’s social media accounts.

I purposefully only chose two goals for each category because I knew if I set too many goals, I would get overwhelmed and just give up. So I figured focusing closely on two main goals would be much more effective.

These two blogging goals are pretty specific, and I hope that by implementing the things I have learned throughout the year I will become a better blogger!

Do you have any 2018 goals for your blog or business?