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Feelings of Inadequacy

Feelings of inadequacy

Here’s the Thing…

There have been so many times in my life, particularly in the last few years, where I have found myself in positions that I felt wildly underqualified for.

Some examples include:

  • Being the Communications Leader for the Honduras Water Project missions trip
  • Moving up to the Assistant Director of the Honduras Water Project
  • My recent job where I worked for a clothing line, educational technology program, and a non-profit music competition (what???)

It’s funny, because, believe it or not, I have this very can-do attitude that I can do anything before I’m in the position. But then I actually get the position and I’m like…..whaaaaat???

But there’s no giving up around here! And if you’re in a position of feeling inadequate, I don’t want you to give up either.

Read on to learn my best tips for combating the horrible feeling of inadequacy.

Believe in Yourself

Forgive my not-so-subtle cliche, but it is so true!

You are your worst critic, and if you can silence those negative voices in your head, you will be in business!

Think about when you were applying for the position originally. You were probably all sorts of excited to show everyone what you were made of. You were confident and eager to see your vision come alive. In those moments when you are doubting your abilities, reflect back on those moments where you felt like you were on top of the world and the world was your burrito! (Because it is!)

Show everyone what you are made of; starting with yourself.

Fake it Till You Make it

I should have just titled this “A compilation of cliche quotes by Hannah McCauley.”

But bear with me.

I’m taking a wild guess that you aren’t 100% qualified for the position you are in. Let me tell you a secret: no one is every completely qualified and prepared for the positions they are in. Life is all about living and learning.

So whether or not you “feel” qualified for the position, you are in it now.

And unless you are planning on running away from your responsibilities, you are going to have to figure things out.

This is actually probably the most fun out of this whole process: fake it till you make it! Get out there and be the boss babe (or bro) that you know you are!

Have confidence and own who you are and what you bring to the table. Because I promise you, it is valuable and others will be impacted by your vision.

And bonus: eventually you won’t be faking it; you will be rocking it.

Utilize Your Resources

I think one of the biggest misconceptions out there is that you need to have it all together all the time.

News flash: you don’t have all the answers. But truly, nobody really does.

We all have different areas of expertise and if you are in the beginning stages of a new position or just in a season of feeling inadequate, reach out to the resources around you. Whether that’s a co-worker or a supervisor or Google, own the fact that you do not know everything and embrace the opportunity to learn new things.

So That’s the Thing…

1. Believe in Yourself

2. Fake it Till You Make it

3. Utilize Your Resources

4. Repeat!


God does not call the equipped; he equips the called.

You are where you are for a reason.

Instead of panicking, lean into that and embrace a season of discomfort and not knowing. It won’t last forever.

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