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All or Nothing

All or Nothing

Here’s the Thing…

I am the worst at having an ‘all or nothing’ mentality.

If I stray just once from a habit I am trying to form, I feel like I have completely failed and tend to give up my goal altogether.

Recently, there was a morning that I wanted to get up early to get some things done. I ended up waking up an hour late and I was so frustrated with myself. I felt like I had ruined my morning and had no hope of getting anything done.

However, once I stepped back from the situation, I realized how dramatic I was being. Sure, I had woken up an hour late, but I also still had an hour left before I needed to start getting ready for work. Although I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked, I did still have time.

This realization led me to analyze other aspects of my life where I have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude. Some situations included eating healthy, reading my Bible and working out. The list goes on and on, but the point is that I am never going to have it all together, but that doesn’t mean that I just do nothing instead.

The Balance of Life

It’s funny because we know that nobody is perfect, yet we treat ourselves as if we need to be. Imagine how much kinder we could be if we treated ourselves the same way we do our friends. I know when my friends stumble or aren’t perfect, I try to be there for them and cheer them on. We should do the same for ourselves!

No, we’re never going to be perfect, but if don’t give ourselves room to try and accomplish something, then we are never to accomplish anything. Instead, embrace your imperfections and remain persistent with the habits or goals you are trying to achieve.

So That’s the Thing…

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Instead of expecting perfection from yourself, try just doing your best. Sometimes it will turn out great, other times it won’t. And that’s okay. It’s all a journey and it’s all part of the process.

It’s never too late to start working towards something you want to achieve. And if there’s a hiccup or two along the way, don’t give up. Just readjust.