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Las Vegas Food Guide

Las Vegas Food Guide

Here’s the Thing…

Las Vegas is one of those places where there are tons of unique food options to choose from, but sometimes the amount of variety can be a little overwhelming.

So, I have taken the guesswork out for you and compiled a list of some of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas of various price points and cuisines.



Hash House a go go

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Chicken & Waffles Served All Day Long!

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It isn’t hard to see why Hash House a go go has coined the slogan “Twisted Farm Food.” By just reading the menu, it seems like a fairly average selection: chocolate chip pancakes, chicken and waffles, various drinks, etc. However, when you receive your food, you quickly realize this place is anything but ordinary.

The kids chocolate chip pancakes are about a foot across. The chicken and waffles is compiled of a heaping tower of succulent chicken and fluffy waffles, speared together with a steak knife. The drinks have whole watermelon slices hanging off the edge and the Bloody Mary has a whole meal within itself. You get the picture.

Combined with the quirky, farm-esque atmosphere, Hash House a go go provides food that will make your jaw drop and a quality that will keep you coming back for more.

Cusine: American

Price Point: Average

Einstein Bros. Bagels

I believe there are three tiers of bagels: those that are from grocery stores, those that are from places like Panera, and those that are from Einstein Bros. Bagels. (In case you couldn’t tell, that’s the highest tier of bagels).

I will spare you my reasoning for this, but the important thing to note is that Einstein Bros. Bagels are the best. bagels. ever. They have great coffee too!

I get all sorts of different things when I’m there, and I’ve concluded that all of their food is amazing. Every time I go to Vegas (which is kind of a lot), I have to stop at Einstein Bros. Bagels!

Cuisine: Bagels, Coffee & Tea

Price Point: Low


This one may seem super cliche and basic but bear with me.

There is at least one Starbucks in nearly every casino in Vegas. And let me tell you, after a long night out, it is so nice to know that there is a food place within walking distance from your room.

If you’re looking for recovery food, my go-to is always an unsweetened iced green tea and a bacon gouda breakfast sandwich. So. Good. The tea always hydrates me and the sandwich is the perfect balance of filling me up but not being too heavy.

Trust me, I can guarantee you will see the inside of a Starbucks at least once during your Vegas trip.

Cuisine: Coffee & Tea

Price Point: Low


Twin Peaks

The last time I was in Vegas my friend Natalia and I were searching high and low for a good place to eat. Nothing sounded good, and then when something did sound good, the line was crazy long and then by that time it was well past lunchtime.

Eventually, we stumbled into this mountain-themed restaurant called Twin Peaks. We really didn’t care how or what the food was; we just needed something. However, we ended up being pleasantly surprised!

We both decided on the same thing, chicken wing tacos, and they were so good! Also, my favorite part about the restaurant is that if you sit on the patio you have an amazing view of the strip!

One thing to keep in mind is that this restaurant echoes the feel of Hooters in that the servers are not very well-clothed. So. If you are dining with young children, it may be best to avoid this one!

Cuisine: Sports Bar, American

Price Point: Average

Original Chicken Tender

This is another place that may seem a little basic and simple. But trust me: this is the best chicken tenders you will ever have in your life.

Every time I’m in line to order I think to myself, “this chicken can’t be that good. Surely I’m just imagining it being much better than it actually is.”

And then, I take that first bite into the flaky, succulent chicken tender, and I am reminded how dang good this place is!

Just trust me on this one: if you are anywhere near the Monte Carlo, stop in at the Original Chicken Tenders in the food court and you will NOT be disappointed.

Cuisine: Fast Food

Price Point: Low

Le Village Buffet

In my opinion, a Vegas buffet is a Vegas buffet; they all have generally the same selection.

Le Village Buffet in the Paris Casino is no different, however, what sets it apart is the atmosphere. It perfectly encompasses a cute French town from floor to ceiling. As an avid Paris lover, I deeply appreciate all the details that went into making guests feel like they are actually in Paris.

Also, if you get there before 11am on the weekends, you can save 9 bucks!

Cuisine: Buffet

Price Point: Average



Suspended above the Shops at Crystals and featuring the highest quality steak and seafood, Mastro’s is one of those restaurants where you just feel like royalty.

Although it is on the pricey side, Mastro’s is definitely one of the best places to splurge because you just get such a high-quality of food. You can cut the steak with a spoon, the shrimp are huge and plump, and the seafood is so fresh.

Not to mention the wait staff are incredible at what they do. They are extremely knowledgeable about the food and they take great care of you from the moment you step into the restaurant. At one point my boyfriend stepped out to use the restroom and they removed all the crumbs from around his place setting and refolded his napkin. Such great customer service.

So if you’re willing to spend some money and you want an incredible dining experience, definitely check out Mastro’s!

Cusine: Seafood, Steakhouse

Price Point: Very High

Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao is another one of those restaurants where it’s just as much about the food as the experience and atmosphere.

When you first arrive, you are escorted to a table where fresh cheesy bread is waiting for you. But it isn’t just normal cheesy bread. I don’t really know how to describe it accurately, so I found a link to the recipe here! Or you can always just go Fogo de Chao (;

Anyway, once you are settled you have full access to the buffet area. It features a bunch of specialty foods including various salads, pasta, meats, and cheeses.

Warning: do not fill up on the cheesy bread and buffet! Because there is even more to this amazing restaurant!

As if you weren’t already satisfied enough, the servers come around and carve freshly made meat right at the table for you. The meats ranged from beef tenderloin to lamb to smoked salmon and everything in between. Truly something for everyone.

Cusine: Brazilian, Steakhouse

Price Point: High


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Situated in the heart of the Venetian amongst the Grand Canal Shops sits Casanova, an authentic Italian restaurant.

As someone who has actually been to Italy, I can attest to catching glimpses of what it is like to dine in Italy, from the wide selection of wine to the tables spilling out onto the cobblestone “road.”

I am a sucker for Italian food and I don’t really think you can go wrong with pasta!

Another bonus for this restaurant is that you can go to one of the many Tix4Tonight locations and pick up a coupon to get 50% off your entree! Utilizing this makes Casanova very affordable for high-quality food.

Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean

Price Point: Average

So That’s the Thing…

I hope this guide helped you to narrow down where you want to eat on your next Vegas trip!

I would love to hear about some of your go-to Las Vegas restaurants, or if you tried out any of the ones listed above!