Ipsy Glam Bag Review: March

Ipsy Glam Bag Review March

Here’s the Thing…

As you probably have noticed, I am generally very happy with my Ipsy bag each month, even if I don’t *love* every single thing that I received. However, this month’s bag was definitely not my favorite. Not only were there a few products I didn’t find particularly useful, but there were also a couple products I actually had issues with!

In the end, it turned out to be okay because there was one particular item that I really really liked, so I wasn’t too bummed about it.

Real talk, though, it was kind of refreshing to have products that I didn’t really like because I find myself to be a very optimistic person and I have problems criticizing things. I’m never sure if it’s because I’m way too nice when it comes to reviews or if it’s because I just consistently get products that I love. But after using the products in this bag, I think it’s safe to say that Ipsy, for the most part, does a  really great job of sending me products that I love.

Okay, so maybe I can be too much of a “glass is half-full kind of person,” but I don’t think that’s a bad thing!

Anyway, putting the actual products aside (ironic, right?), I loved this month’s actual bag!

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In general, I like all the bag designs they put out each month (whoops) but this one was extra fun because you could color it and they even sent markers! So fun! I’m a sucker for a little interactivity in my life.

Although I didn’t love love everything I was sent this month, I still love getting my monthly package and it was also good practice to review things that were not my favorite.

Meg Cosmetics – Good Night PM Mask

Face masks are generally a win in my book. There is little room for error, my skin responds well to them & who doesn’t love a good pamper night?!

The problem is, since they always send two face masks, I like to do them with another person, because it’s way more fun that way. But this month just flew by and I never had the chance to do them with someone.

I still have them set out in my bathroom, so as soon as the opportunity presents itself, you know I am busting those out! Maybe I will make my boyfriend do them with me….

Twila True Beauty – True Renewal Oil

This product was seriously a whirlwind of emotions.

My face is naturally dry, so typically if I try using a product that is oil-based, my skin freaks out. BUT I like to try all the products I am sent at least once, because that is how you discover things you never thought you would enjoy!

The first time I put this product on, I loved it. I rubbed it all over my face as a moisturizer.

One thing that bothers me most about my foundation routine specifically is that since my skin is on the dryer side, it sucks up all the foundation I put on immediately, making it difficult to evenly distribute the product. So when I put this oil on my skin first, the foundation glided over my skin, creating an even and dewy complexion.

I was absolutely obsessed.

For about two days.

My skin finally caught on to the fact that I put oil on it (heaven forbid) and had its freak out moment, which consisted of a super attractive breakout along my jawline. When I noticed the breakout, I knew immediately it had to have been because of the oil, because nothing else in my skincare routine had changed.

So I stopped using the oil and the breakouts stopped, but I was super bummed! I loved how it had enhanced my makeup routine and made my skin less of the Sahara desert.

So, I have two final thoughts about this product.

First, if anyone else has really dry skin and has found a product that moisturizes your skin well, please send it my way! I had a taste of silky smooth skin & I really want it back!

Second, since not everyone has the same skin type as I do, I’m sure it would work much much better on other people. If it wasn’t for the breakouts, I would have definitely given this product five stars.

Also, if you are skeptical about using this product on your skin, you can use it on your hair and skin as well. I haven’t tried that yet because, as you can see, I am not the biggest fan of oil-based products.

Slmissglambeauty – SL41 Blusher Brush

There is actually a really funny story behind this product. Bottom line is: I hate getting brushes.

Ispy went through this phase where they decided to send me a brush every, single. month.

It got to the point where I had more brushes than I even had a practical use for. I am not a makeup connoisseur, so I had very little use for five eyeshadow and four contour brushes. After seriously probably a year or so of this, I finally went on my Ipsy profile and specified that I didn’t want to receive any more brushes.

After that, I went more than a year without receiving a brush. Problem solved! Until this month. Apparently, Ipsy had other plans in mind.

When I was going through the bag, I reached in and felt a brush. I sighed heavily, because I was not in the mood for another brush. Truly, I have a brush for every situation I could need one for, so getting a brush just seemed like such a waste of a product.

But then I pulled the brush out and was immediately in love.

Guys, this is the most beautiful, soft, pink, fluffy brush I have ever seen. My frustration immediately turned to heart eyes and I was obsessed.

This brush isn’t perfectly round, although it says it is for blush. Like I said, I am not a makeup expert, but it seems like a blush brush would need to be round? I really don’t know. Anyway, I have been using it as my finishing powder brush and I find so much joy (probably too much actually) in running the fluffy brush over my skin and adding a matte finish to my foundation.

Also, while doing research for this post, I realized how extra fortunate I was to receive this brush because at regular price it is really expensive! Another one of the many reasons I love Ipsy.

Morally of the story: always be open-minded and don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

EYEKO – Lash Alert Mascara in Carbon Black

First of all, I usually love getting mascara because it is a staple in my beauty routine and receiving it in my Ipsy bag makes it so that I don’t have to purchase it. It’s a win for everyone.

Second, I actually don’t like this mascara. (I will get into why in a second).

Third, I feel like I am missing something with this product! I was reading product reviews and people are literally obsessed with this mascara. I seriously do not get it.

Although it did not work nearly as well as the current mascara I was using, I wanted to use it for a full month because the mascara had caffeine in it, so I thought using it consistently would bring about noticeable change over time.


My lashes didn’t curl, it didn’t make them longer, thicker, etc. etc. etc. Like, I can’t really emphasize how little this did for my lashes.

I mean, I get it. Not every product is going to be wonderful, but the things people were saying about it: you’d think they had won the lottery! That’s why I just felt so confused when I would put this mascara on and was so severely disappointed.

All I know is that I gave this mascara a solid month trial and I was super excited to switch back to my previous mascara.

Steve Laurant – Lip Oil in Orchid

Again, this is another product that I feel like I am missing something.

My mom and her friend both got this Lip Oil in their bags, and they *loved* it.

To be clear, I like the concept of a natural gloss that accentuates the color of your natural lips. I am not the biggest fan of big bold lips, but I do enjoy having some color. So this product seemed like a happy medium.

The problem is, it comes off my lips almost immediately!

Like, am I doing something wrong?? Are my lips weirdly shaped?

To be fair, if I use any lip product that isn’t matte, it tends to come off much quicker than if it was matte. But it would usually last a couple hours, not gone almost instantly.

This could just be a user error, but I stopped using this product within just a couple days.

So That’s the Thing…

This definitely was not the best Ipsy bag I have ever received. But hey. You win some you lose some.

Besides, the fact that I love that brush so much makes up for the fact that I wasn’t really thrilled with anything else.

At any rate, I think that is part of the fun with Ipsy; you never what you are going to get.

If you would like to try out Ipsy for yourself, use my referral code to get your first bag today!

Also, if you have any suggestions to how I can better utilize any of the products I was having problems with, please let me know! I am always open to suggestions.

Ipsy Glam Bag Review March