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4 Ways to Overcome Your Fears & Take That Leap

4 ways to overcome your fears and take that leap

Here’s the Thing…

Not long after I made the decision to quit my job and then actually followed through with that decision (which happened in one smooth motion over the course of about a week), my boyfriend gently asked me if I was worried.

All I could do was chuckle, shake my head & acknowledge that, YES. I am worried out of my freakin’ mind every day that I am going to flop on my face and be a FAILURE.

When you choose to enter the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship, you are making the incredibly terrifying choice to go against the grain, pave your own path and ultimately be responsible for getting things done and taking strides towards meeting your goals.

But let me back up.

What do you do before you actually take that leap; when the biggest thing holding you back is the fear of what is going to happen next?

If fear is the biggest thing that is holding you back, we have some work to do – because that is NOT a good enough excuse!

But never fear (ha…) – here are four ways to overcome your fears & take that leap into the unknown (for the greater good).

#1. Have a Plan

Okay, so admittedly this is a little ironic, given the fact that I myself did NOT have a plan but this was due less to spontaneity and more to letting myself simmer in an unhealthy situation for too long (10/10 would not recommend…).

What I really should have done once I realized where I was wasn’t where I wanted to stay (say that three times fast!) was to make a plan.

The plan will look different for everyone, depending on what you are leaping towards.

For example, if you want to become a full-time freelancer, you first need to figure out how many clients you will need to make ends meet, and then come up with a plan of action to actually secure those clients.

Or if you wanted to launch your own business, you would need to create a timeline with set deadlines to ensure you are held accountable for the goals you want to achieve.

In reality, this applies to everything in life – working out more, asking for a raise, anything that scares you and pushes you out of your comfort zone will be more doable if you have an outlined plan.

#2. Have a Support System

There WILL be days when you doubt yourself. You will try to talk yourself out of taking the leap because your doubts have gotten stuck in your own head.

In order to combat this setback, you need people on your side who believe in what you are trying to achieve and will you push you harder to get there – even when you are convinced you don’t have what it takes.

Unlike yourself on the days when you are feeling low, they will not let you slack off, they’ll remind you of your worth & ultimately push you to take that leap, because they may know when you are ready before even you do.

And trust me, you don’t need a whole army for this one. All it takes is one person who wholeheartedly believes in you, even when you barely believe in yourself.

#3. Determine Your ‘Why’

When you have a deep understanding of why you want to do something, it will make it easier to stick to it.

For example, instead of just saying “I want to quit my job to start my own business” say, “I want to start my own business because I want to have more say in the work I am doing and ultimately have more freedom to live life on my own terms.”

Being as specific as possible with this one will help fuel you during those inevitable moments of fear and remind yourself why you had this dream in the first place.

#4. BELIEVE That You Can Do It

If you don’t even believe that you can do it, then that’s the end of the road.

It’s blunt, but it’s the truth.

If you believe in your soul, in your core, that when you take that leap you will soar, then I can assure that is what will happen.

I’m not saying that it will be easy. I’m not saying that you may not fall on your face every now and then (or often…). BUT you will have the strength to get back up again even when things get really really hard.

If you take away one thing from this blog post, I want it to be this: if you believe in yourself, then you are ready to take the leap. Yes, all the other things are absolutely great to have in place as well, but do not underestimate the power of a strong belief in yourself.

Too many people have way too much self-doubt, so if you are confident in your potential, then you are already one giant step ahead.

So That’s the Thing…

As a responsible adult, it is definitely wise to have hesitations and to be aware of the roadblocks that may stand in the way of where you ultimately want to be. BUT you cannot let those temporary fears hold you back from chasing your biggest dreams.

The longer you hide away in fear and resist the urge to take that leap, the easier it is going to be to comfortably nestle into your comfort zone.

No more.

Sometimes you just have to hold your breath, take the leap and trust yourself enough to make it work.

4 ways to overcome your fears and take that leap

4 ways to overcome your fears and take that leap

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