About Me

Here’s the Thing…

I’m slightly rolling my eyes at myself as I write this, because this is not my first blogging rodeo. Ever since I learned to type I have been writing and ever since I realized I could self-publish on the internet, I’ve had some sort of blog or another. Flash-forward to college where I was a journalism major, and I was required to maintain a blog for the duration of my time as a writing and publishing student.

Every blog had the same fate: I would write about relevant things in my life, until I realized that my life actually wasn’t that interesting, and I would get bored of myself.

Soooo what’s different now?

Well, there are three distinct things that are unique to where I am in life right now:

I have graduated college! (Although, sometimes I don’t feel nearly qualified enough to say that I have a degree.) I don’t mean that because I have an education, I am suddenly more qualified to have a blog. What I mean is, I have had much more exposure to how the world works, how I work, and how I fit into the grander scheme of the world. Now that I’m not 16, I understand that the world won’t necessarily benefit from reading every single detail about my life, just because it was relevant to me for a moment. Rather, I now know that while my experiences can be relevant to others, I need to have purpose behind my words. During my time as a journalism major, we learned that there should always be a clear WHY to everything you write.

New Blog Resolution #1: I will make sure that my posts have a defined ‘why’ and, to the best of my knowledge, will be relevant to other

The real world is hard. Working Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, is hard. And exhausting. And mundane sometimes. Do I want to be a receptionist for the rest of my life? No. Do I need to be a receptionist right now in order to pay bills? Yes. But do I have to put my dreams of writing on hold because I’m a full-time receptionist? No. I kept telling myself, “Eventually I will start writing again. When I have more time I’ll start writing. When I have something to write about I’ll start a blog.” As I was sitting at my desk, answering emails, I realized until I made a deliberate choice to intentionally follow my dreams, nothing was going to change and no one was going to put in the work for me. Running a blog and working full-time will not be easy. I will be tired. I will want to stop, but I won’t stop because life is short and I have a dream. And more importantly, I have the freedom to pursue my dream. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize I have gotten comfortable, and forget the things that light my soul up.

New Blog Resolution #2: I will be intentional. I will write intentionally.

And finally, I am paying $12.95 a month to keep my blog up and running. Although this is a super practical reason to keep a blog running, it is the reality of where I am at right now. Before, I either hosted my blog on free platforms, or I was able to host it for free on my school’s server. But now, I am responsible for paying for it each month and I am also responsible for putting in the work it takes to maintain and create a blog.

New Blog Resolution #3: I will get what I put into this blog, and if I need $12.95/month to motivate me to not let blog end up like the rest, then so be it. 


Well, this wasn’t as much of an about me as a pact I am making with my readers, er, myself, actually at this point – since I have no readers. Anyway, if I do have a reader out there, I think you can get a pretty good snap shot of who I am: I’m Hannah, I love to write, someday I would like to write for a living, and I am done making excuses and letting life wiz on by.